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Message: Holding Down Your Sense of Purpose

Idaho Military Prayer Breakfast 2013

I’ve never experienced having the roof torn right off over my head. That is…until I had a short FTX in the OCTC some time ago. Sometimes, no matter how much you think you have your stakes dug down in deep, if you don’t pay attention to the weather you’ll find yourself standing alone in the wind and rain while all that belongs to you is blown down the road with the tumbleweeds...

Now, how does that relate to your sense of purpose?

A Soldier gets their purpose through a sense of accomplishment in serving their country and community. He or she maintains a sense of belonging and worth when they serve with their friends and other’s in uniform. That’s true, but what happens when unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances come blowing away what you hold onto is precious?

The bottom line, is that the tent is only held up when the poles of your tent and belongings are protected by deep rooted and planted stakes of faith in true and solid ground. If the stakes are not deep, it won’t hold much. If the stakes are buried in not-so solid ground, a swift microburst of bad life-event weather and wind may bring your purpose and sense of belonging to your knees.

Come… talk to a chaplain sometime, and let us help you get your stakes buried deep in what is true and faithful.

Blessings of grace and peace,
1-183rd Chaplain

For more information call the chapel at 272-4311 or email at

Idaho Strong Bonds

Strong Bonds - Building Ready Families

Strong Bonds is a unit-based, chaplain-led program which assists commanders in building individual resiliency by strengthening the Army Family. The core mission of the Strong Bonds program is to increase individual Soldier and Family member readiness through relationship education and skills training.

Strong Bonds includes four subprograms applied across the Army Force Generation model:

  • Single-Soldier
  • Couple
  • Family
  • Deployment

Strong Bonds is conducted in an off site workshop format in order to maximize the training effect. The workshop or “get away” provides a fun, safe, and secure environment in which to address the impact of relocations, deployments, and military lifestyle stressors.

All registrations are subject to the Idaho Strong Bonds Conference Registration Policy.

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The Mission of the Joint Chaplaincy is to provide religious support to Idaho's Air and Land Warriors across the full spectrum of operations. Ministry Teams assist commanders in ensuring the right of free exercise of religion, and provide spiritual, moral and ethical leadership to the Idaho National Guard.

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