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Idaho Counter Drug Support Program

Drug Testing

Illegal drug use constitutes serious misconduct and is not compatible with military service. 

The Idaho National Guard is firmly committed to the elimination of substance abuse by its members. 

Drug Testing

Idaho Joint
Drug Testing Program


MSgt Mark Lord - 272-4140
Joint Forces Substance Abuse
Prevention Coordinator

The Guard's substance abuse prevention program is just one component of its larger counterdrug program, which supports community-based-organizations and law enforcement agencies in their fight against illicit drug use.

To reduce drug positives, Guard officials implement a program of smart testing, post testing and education. Smart testing includes decentralized testing, more frequent and random testing, testing on different days, testing at different times during drill, testing fulltime Guardmembers during their work weeks and testing their own counterdrug personnel throughout the year.


Blank Bottle Labels
DD Form 2624 (Blank)
Testing Register Form (Blank)

Random drug testing via urinalysis is an important tool for preventing substance abuse by members of the Idaho National Guard.  Proper implementation and management is crucial to the success of the program. 

When combined with a strong education and prevention-training program, random drug testing will help to reduce drug abuse within the IDAHO National Guard.


AFI 44-120
AR 600_85

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


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