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Idaho Counter Drug Support Program

Idaho Joint
Substance Abuse Program


MSgt Mark Lord - 272-4140
Joint Forces Substance Abuse
Prevention Coordinator

To provide prevention training to military members and outreach to military families in an effort to increase military discipline, individual performance, and combat readiness while establishing a culture of responsible choices for Idaho’s Soldiers and Airmen.

Substance Abuse Programs:

Drug Testing

1. Deterrent

2. Identification

Prevention, Training, & Outreach

1. Drug and Alcohol Prevention Education

2. Treatment Resources

3. Outreach Missions for Military Families

Your Substance Abuse Program will:

-Ensure military personnel receive 4 hours of training annually
-Address military risk levels and focus on reducing risk factors
-Assist with outreach programs for military personnel and their families (Camps etc.)
-Provide Guard members with referral /resource information when needed
-Assist soldiers/airmen with concerns regarding substance abuse during the reintegration process (deployment concerns etc.)


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