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Idaho Counter Drug Support Program

Idaho Counterdrug Support Program

The Idaho National Guard Counterdrug Support Program, with members in most major Idaho communities, provides highly skilled personnel, specialized equipment, and facilities to support Law Enforcement Agencies and Community Based Organizations, in response to the changing drug threat.

The Idaho National Guard Counterdrug Program is ready to be your partner in supporting innovative methods of reducing substance abuse in our communities by providing Drug Demand Reduction Support, Law Enforcement Support and Substance Abuse Support.

The Drug Demand Reduction Program is dedicated to helping build a drug-free youth in families and communities across Idaho through education programs with measureable results.

Counterdrug Law Enforcement Support is committed to perform as "force mulitpliers" for critical Counterdrug and CounterNarcoterrorism missions.

The Idaho Joint Substance Abuse Program is prepared to provide prevention training to military members and outreach to military families in an effort to increase military discipline, individual performance, and combat readiness while establishing a culture of responsible choices for Idaho’s Soldiers and Airmen.

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