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Idaho Counter Drug Support Program
Idaho Counterdrug Support Program

Idaho Counterdrug Support Program Team Building

Idaho Counterdrug Support Program Role-modeling For The Youth

Idaho Counterdrug Support Program and Smokey The Bear

National Guard Counterdrug

About Us

The Idaho National Guard Counterdrug Program is ready to be your partner in the delivery of an innovative substance abuse prevention education program by providing Drug Demand Reduction Support, Law Enforcement Support and Substance Abuse Support. 

The Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) Support mission provides standardized, measurable and evidenced based programs that are intended to gain the commitment of our nation’s youth to make healthy, safe and drug-free choices.

The Guard's substance abuse prevention program is just one component of its larger counterdrug program, which supports community-based-organizations and law enforcement agencies in their fight against illicit drug use.

DDR members will be primary facilitators to conduct, assist, address, provide, select, design, and deliver appropriate briefings and training in order to maximize program effectiveness for the identified audiences. Public Information and Media Awareness: influences, establishes, plans and informs decision-makers of the Idaho National Guard Counterdrug Support Program. The DDR members will provide training and mentoring in order to strengthen commitments and capacities of local leaders.

The members of the Counterdrug Support team have been specifically trained in Team Building, Confidence Building, Drug Abuse and Awareness, Public Speaking, Teaching, Law Enforcement Support, Peer-Pressure for the Youth, Role-modeling for the Youth.

Idaho Counter Drug Support Program

We provide Law Enforcement Support for the Federal Operations Program performing as "force providers" for critical Counterdrug and CounterNarcoterrorism missions.

We provide Substance Abuse support for current Idaho Military members in the form of Drug Urinalisis Testing and by Prevention, Treatment and Outreach programs.

National Guard Counterdrug

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